Shock Tactics: the use of Tasers in New South Wales

The teenager made a number of mistakes. First, he ignored police directions. They asked him to move on from Blacktown train station, where he had been drinking and hanging out with friends and family. Second, when police spotted him later in the night, he swore and ran away, hoping to avoid confrontation. They gave chase. Third, he swept around a corner too fast and fell down the platform stairs, knocking himself unconscious in the process. The station’s CCTV footage shows a police officer finding his inert body, dragging him down the remaining steps without regard for his condition, and handcuffing him. He lay senseless for almost two minutes and regained consciousness as more police officers were arriving at the scene. His final mistake was to struggle against the officers as he woke up in a daze, surprised to find himself handcuffed and surrounded.

The teenager is Einpwi Amom, a Sudanese-Australian boy who was 17 when the arrest was made on June 20, 2013. Now 18, Mr Amom fled the war in Sudan with his family in 2003 and settled in the Blacktown area in Sydney’s west. He struggles to understand his treatment by police.

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