Hopping Kings of the Dark Morning: short fiction / novel extract published by Peril Magazine

This piece is from Chapter Ten of my novel (novella?) manuscript, but I adapted in a way that I hope works well on its own. It seemed like a good fit for Peril Magazine’s “We’re Queer Here” series and thankfully they agreed!

Head over to Peril Magazine to check it out and browse the rest of the series while you’re there.


More flash fiction: Chá Yè Dàn in Mascara Literary Review

Yes, another flash fiction piece is out, this time in Issue 17 of the Mascara Literary Review. It’s about tea eggs! And testicles!! And Brisbane and Shanghai!!!


And actually it’s not that new: it’s a reworked extract from the first chapter of my almost-dead-in-the-water novel manuscript. Check it out for free online: http://mascarareview.com/cha-ye-dan-by-daniel-young/.

The Passion of the Cut Sleeve

Another chapter from my novel manuscript has been published at Bukker Tillibul, Swinburne University’s refereed journal of creative writing and practice-led research. This chapter was written for a historical fiction assignment, and draws on the ancient Chinese story of Emperor Ai and Dong Xian while being set in modern-day Shanghai.

Go on, have a read: http://bukkertillibul.net/Text.html?VOL=8&INDEX=6.