Hopping Kings of the Dark Morning: short fiction / novel extract published by Peril Magazine

This piece is from Chapter Ten of my novel (novella?) manuscript, but I adapted in a way that I hope works well on its own. It seemed like a good fit for Peril Magazine’s “We’re Queer Here” series and thankfully they agreed!

Head over to Peril Magazine to check it out and browse the rest of the series while you’re there.


The Rattler: flash fiction published on Verity La

Let’s rattle this ghost town! A flash fiction piece in which I compare the Brisbane River to “slug guts”. I’m thrilled to have it featured in Verity La.

“Billy passed back the joint, his mouth hot and dry, his brain expanding but feeling too many things at once, wanting more and more and more, but with a queasy sense that this might not go well at all, except—you never know—maybe it would.”

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Toast Soldiers and Boiled Eggs: flash fiction at the Australia Council offices

If you find yourself on Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, you can go and take a look at my story Toast Soliders and Boiled Eggs, originally published by Seizure online. The Australian Council and Seizure have teamed up to pair flash fiction with illustrations by local artists in a stunning window display.

For more information, see the Australia Council website: http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/arts-in-daily-life/artist-stories/art-makes-a-flash-at-australia-council/.

I’m thrilled to have my story up there alongside amazing work by Fiona Wright, David Henley and Sam Karpiniec, with artwork by Yiscah Symonds, Luke Marcatili, Max Prentis and Sam Paine.

The Next One: flash fiction published in The Suburban Review

I’ve had a flash fiction piece published online by The Suburban Review as part of their Queery series. Editor TJ Robinson wrote:

Sometimes you have the pleasure of knowing you’re going to publish a piece of writing as soon as you read the first line. Daniel Young is first up on The Corner this month, with his QUEERY piece, “The Next One.” Slight trigger warning for the mix of violence and intimacy.

Check it out over at The Suburban Review website.

More flash fiction: Chá Yè Dàn in Mascara Literary Review

Yes, another flash fiction piece is out, this time in Issue 17 of the Mascara Literary Review. It’s about tea eggs! And testicles!! And Brisbane and Shanghai!!!


And actually it’s not that new: it’s a reworked extract from the first chapter of my almost-dead-in-the-water novel manuscript. Check it out for free online: http://mascarareview.com/cha-ye-dan-by-daniel-young/.