Forecast: Turbulence, by Janette Turner Hospital

Selected quotes from the memoir piece ‘Moon River’

“Midnight. It is now official: New Year’s Day 2008. The sky is fretted with glitter trails and the soft pop of slow-falling balls of burning gold, but I am fixated on a gilded arc of the Brisbane River. Though the moon is waning, one week past full, the water looks like the bullion-sluice at the Mt Morgan mine, a Midas-flow I saw once and will never forget.”


“Nose pressed against the glass of the walkway, I stare at the river. This tangled ribbon, brown and muddy by day, gilded by night, is the thread that ties my childhood to my now, my beginnings to the ending bearing down like a watercourse in flood.”

“What an amazing, complicated, unpredictable, enduring and fragile thing is memory. It is like a river. It can silt up and need dredging, it can flood and destroy, it can lose its way. It is like a river of moonlight, evanescent. When it goes dark, navigation is treacherous. The journey from source to final sea loses meaning.”

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