Album Review: Fabulous Diamonds – Commercial Music

Fabulous Diamonds - Commercial Music

Commercial Music is the third full-length album from Melbourne duo Fabulous Diamonds. The first track, Inverted/Vamp draws you in with rich synth drones and enchanting vocals, and eight minutes later you open your eyes and wonder where you’ve been. Wherever it is, you’d like to stay.

You don’t have to leave for long, as the album flows with ease from track to track. The slow, sensual, yet insistent percussion binds each of the six tracks together into a coherent whole. The pace and the tone both pick up slightly in the latter half of the album, but are in much the same vein. Dreamy soundscapes that will give you nice dreams rather than keeping you awake. It’s with some disappointment and perhaps anti-climax that you reach the final track.

There’s a cure for that. Repeat all.

Commercial Music is out now through Chapter Music.


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