“The Stir Fry” published in Bide Magazine

My flash fiction piece “The Stir Fry” was recently published in the March 2015 issue Bide Magazine. You can order a digital or print+digital copy now at their website.


It’s a short and strange little piece that came to me while watching last year’s series of My Kitchen Rules and eating a shitty takeaway meal. Thankfully I wasn’t eating a frozen TV dinner “stir fry”, but it did get me thinking about that. How can they even call it a stir fry?? It is neither stirred nor fried…

Check out the magazine to read the story and lots of other great flash fiction from previous Tincture Journal contributors like Douglas W. Milliken, Katelin Farnsworth, Laura McPhee-Browne and Ira McGuire. Plus heaps more!

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