Toast Soldiers and Boiled Eggs: flash fiction at the Australia Council offices

If you find yourself on Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, you can go and take a look at my story Toast Soliders and Boiled Eggs, originally published by Seizure online. The Australian Council and Seizure have teamed up to pair flash fiction with illustrations by local artists in a stunning window display.

For more information, see the Australia Council website:

I’m thrilled to have my story up there alongside amazing work by Fiona Wright, David Henley and Sam Karpiniec, with artwork by Yiscah Symonds, Luke Marcatili, Max Prentis and Sam Paine.

The Next One: flash fiction published in The Suburban Review

I’ve had a flash fiction piece published online by The Suburban Review as part of their Queery series. Editor TJ Robinson wrote:

Sometimes you have the pleasure of knowing you’re going to publish a piece of writing as soon as you read the first line. Daniel Young is first up on The Corner this month, with his QUEERY piece, “The Next One.” Slight trigger warning for the mix of violence and intimacy.

Check it out over at The Suburban Review website.

More flash fiction: Chá Yè Dàn in Mascara Literary Review

Yes, another flash fiction piece is out, this time in Issue 17 of the Mascara Literary Review. It’s about tea eggs! And testicles!! And Brisbane and Shanghai!!!


And actually it’s not that new: it’s a reworked extract from the first chapter of my almost-dead-in-the-water novel manuscript. Check it out for free online:

“The Stir Fry” published in Bide Magazine

My flash fiction piece “The Stir Fry” was recently published in the March 2015 issue Bide Magazine. You can order a digital or print+digital copy now at their website.


It’s a short and strange little piece that came to me while watching last year’s series of My Kitchen Rules and eating a shitty takeaway meal. Thankfully I wasn’t eating a frozen TV dinner “stir fry”, but it did get me thinking about that. How can they even call it a stir fry?? It is neither stirred nor fried…

Check out the magazine to read the story and lots of other great flash fiction from previous Tincture Journal contributors like Douglas W. Milliken, Katelin Farnsworth, Laura McPhee-Browne and Ira McGuire. Plus heaps more!

The Passion of the Cut Sleeve

Another chapter from my novel manuscript has been published at Bukker Tillibul, Swinburne University’s refereed journal of creative writing and practice-led research. This chapter was written for a historical fiction assignment, and draws on the ancient Chinese story of Emperor Ai and Dong Xian while being set in modern-day Shanghai.

Go on, have a read: