The Joys of Jury Duty

Day One

“I have an exam in six weeks, so won’t there be a problem if this five week trial ends up taking longer?”. I had re-assured my boss that I’d be able to get out of Jury Duty on this basis, and here I was trying it on with the court staff. I had print-outs of my exam timetable as proof. Print-outs, dammit!

“No, it will be fine, don’t worry. You can serve on this jury.”

Ummm OK. Woops. Well, thankfully I brought the latest issue of Kill Your Darlings to help pass the time. Apparently there’s a lot of waiting around involved with jury selection. I spent a few hours waiting in the jury room, before being told the trial had been delayed but I was required again tomorrow at 10am – a luxurious sleep-in!

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